Aston Martin DB12 in Unreal Engine 5

The task at hand was straightforward but ambitious: digitally recreate Aston Martin's newest gems, the DB12 and DB12 Volante. Using Unreal Engine and a full CG workflow, our challenge was to depict the cars' features and charm, all while highlighting the advantages of CG over traditional film methods.

car profile unreal engine villa enviorement

Starting with a mood-board helped us sketch out the right environment and setting for the cars. This step was all about visualizing the best backdrops to complement the cars. The beauty of a CG workflow? We had room to try out different visuals, refine them, and nail the perfect look without the hassles of on-location shoots.
With Unreal Engine 5 as our tool, we set out to shape a convincing 3D environment that would do justice to the cars.

three quarter rear db12 aston marting automotive in unreal engine environmentdb12 aston martin interior leather unreal engine environment full cgidb12 aston martin rear motion blur unreal engine environment drivingtop down shot db12 aston marting volante coupe motion blur unreal engine front shot db12 aston marting high speed automotive unreal engine environmentaston martin interior leather stitching seat detail unreal engine environment full cgidb12 volante coupe profile front villa unreal engine environment full cgi

The cooperation between Fuze Studio and The Digital Bunch was a game-changer for this project. By pooling our knowledge and skills, Fuze Studios and The Digital Bunch managed to push boundaries without getting bogged down by technical issues. It was all about blending our strengths and making sure the final product was the best it could be.

Working together, we were able to get creative and deliver something both teams were proud of!