3D configurators & AR models

Design an interactive model presentation for your clients and give them the ability to customize their dream product.

We’re your 3D configurator wizards

We will guide you on your journey and help you design and build an ass-kicking 3D configurator. We want to learn how you do business now and use our experience to build an online experience that your customers won’t forget. We’re obsessed with numbers, analytics and continuous improvement, so what we’re about to do together will only get better with time.
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Measurable success

80%less product returns
30%increased conversion rate
$6average return on every $1 invested in a configurator

Thousands of combinations in a few clicks

Present thousands of SKUs in a clean and easy presentation. Change elements, colors, materials, fabrics and more. An interactive model can update the prices dynamically depending on the chosen configuration.

Increase sales, reduce product returns

Give your clients a full overview of all the details and features to reduce product returns. With a realistic, interactive model they can virtually experience your product first-hand. Full transparency, always.

Let your customers show you exactly what they need

You can bring your clients' dreams to life at scale thanks to the virtual prototype that clients build themselves. By offering them the right tools, they can express their needs much easier. You save time on customer service without compromising on quality.

Bring your clients exactly what they want

Your clients are ready to pay more for a product they designed and that feels perfect for them. See your Average Order Value rise by answering your client's most coveted desires.

Eliminate human errors

Get a breakdown of all the items that make up your perfect combination and avoid human errors. The system will update your prices in real time, check the availability of your components, and count all your SKUs.

Automate & integrate

Build this interactive experience as one of the stepping stones in your customer journey. Integrate it with your online store, your EPR or CMS systems and automate the whole selling process. Build a reliable sales pipeline that works at scale, 24/7.

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