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What kind of configurator are you thinking of?

Choose the type of configurator that fits your product best. If you don’t know the answer feel free to skip this step.

2D configurator

Simple 2D configurator with one product visualisation which your can zoom in to see the details.

3D configurator

3D configurator with 360 model which allows you to see the product from different perspectives.

2D / 3D configurator

In this type of configurator your are able to manually arrange product configurations. Model could be in 2D or 3D depends on your needs.

2D + 3D configurator

Extended configurator with a lot of features. In this type of configurator you are able to preview the product on 2D visualisations with closeups to details, play with 3D model to see the product from different perspectives, preview the product in the enviroment, see product’s dimesions or even watch a video.