Chill neighbourhood

Client: Stellwerk

Deliverables: Set of architectural visualisations

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Creating these two visualizations of the neighbourhood in Dresden, Germany was rather fun.


Architects had to answer the question: how new architecture can combine efficiency and quality with challenges stated by social standards. But for us at The Digital Bunch, the most important thing was to tell the story in two images only.

• • •

First visual is mainly about spending your free time in your own neighborhood. We used these small lights to emphasise chill vibe of safe enviroment, where young people can spend casual time. The mood we wanted to provide is: chill, fun, evening stroll, community. • • •

Second image depicts the portrait of one of the buildings. We put the building on the right side of the composition, and balanced it with nerby park - this way the viewer has an idea that this neighbourhood is located in area close to the park and that you can have views of the nature from your balcony. Lots of open spaces between buildings created areas that fit modern people's needs. Making sure that there is a good balance between work and free time, being inside home and outside - architects provided all sorts of tools to feel good in the neighborhood.

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