Dreaming with Brink
Client: The Brink Agency
Deliverables: Animated Banner
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Dreaming of the tangerine magical environment created for The Brink Agency.

The client gave us a free hand in creating this world full of magic and beauty. We asked ourselves a question: what would the world of orange dreams look like? Messy bushes and clouds touching the ground, as well as sticky forms levitating by the river. Well, it might be somewhere in our galaxy, but it's for sure from another world.

And you probably wonder what are those sticks? Well, these are elements of the branding animation we did for Brink. You can check out this in our previous case.

When designing the animated scene, the client wanted the viewer to enter through the arched doorway into the world of The Brink. The first scene is the one that should captivate the viewer's attention, that is why it was important to start with something catchy. These are different ways of the door design.

Then we prepared the main scene. Here you can see how many concepts we provided.

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The final animation is now live on our clients' main page. We were in love with the scene, so also prepared the loop animation.

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