Fabbrica magnifica in Milan

Client: Chapman Taylor, Snøhetta

Deliverables: Set of visualizations

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The concept for Magnifica Fabbrica for the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. 

This project was an entry for the International Design Competition for the creation of the new headquarters and warehouses of the Teatro alla Scala & expansion of the Lambretta park. The idea behind the project was to create a new cultural area, active 24h/7 days a week, where the production of the shows is harmonized with the guided tours that take part in the birth of the shows. 

While Teatro alla Scala is located in the heart of Milan, as well as current warehouses, soon it's going to change, as the Fabbrica is moving to the suburbs of the city: Rubattino District. The new location allowed to be bold with creating a project. No limitations considering the form, only guidelines to include the abandoned assembly line "Crystal Palace" and create space suitable not only for production and storage purposes but also for visitors. 

This investment is going to change the image of this eastern part of the city, and make it more lively and interesting. Fabbrica building is supposed to hold exhibitions, workshops, courses and major events. 

At the facade you can see the portraits of 4 main heros of the opera: Luchino Visconti (italian filmmaker), Giorgio Strehler (opera director), Luca Ronconi (actor and opera director), Nicola Benois (stage designer), Luigi Sapelli Caramba (costume designer). 

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