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Client: Lavora
Deliverables: 3D furniture models, virtual interior design, set of visualisations, logo design, website

The unique challenge was to create a brand identity through a logo, website and 3D visualisations that introduce the company to the world.

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Lavora specialises in the design and production of bespoke wooden furniture. The company is a new venture of a group of experienced furniture and interior designers.

The main service is an a-z interior creation: you give them the dimensions of the room, discuss inspirations and needs and - poof! - end up with a complete set of furniture for the space.

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In exploring the inspirations for the brand's logo, we looked at the visual identity and the landscape of the region in Poland from where they hail, the lettering and the coming together of a tree - the wood from which the furniture is made - and a house.

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We have also created the website for the company, expressive of the style and sense of aesthetics the company wanted to present.

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