Luxury in Qatar
Client: Chapman Taylor
Deliverables: Set of architectural visualisations
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Here are some visualizations of the luxurious villas planned to be built in Doha, Qatar. The idea behind the project was to create a safe neighborhood divided into oasis suited for families. They had to be stylish and fashionable since they are designed for the richest people living on this planet.

The first thing that catches your eye, when watching our visualizations are simple shapes combined with palms and green lands. As the architects say - this is an example of biophilic design in architecture. This means, that the pressure is put to create a strong bond between man and the environment.

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The simplicity of these east-oriented villas, allowed us to play with light effects. We love sharp shadows created by facade elements.

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Architects designed everything: from the outside to the inside. The style of the villas combines contemporary architecture with modern arabic trends and an european twist. There is handmade furniture from Italy, as well as pop art pieces next to the Persian carpet. To emphasize the connection with the environment, architects used materials like marble and boiserie. ​​​​​​​

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Villas are surrounded by palm trees, increasing the feeling of an oasis in the desert. It was important to show the main idea behind the project: "nature as privacy". We were making sure that this feeling would be depicted in every image, by creating visuals for each building on its own.

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