Music Academy, Katowice

Deliverables: Set of architectural visualisations

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This set was a part of Konior Studio’s entry in the competition for a new building of the Music Academy in Katowice, Poland (2nd place). The entrance to the existing, neo-gothic bric building (19-20 C) and the main axis of the campus come out onto a church, also neo-gothic (19 C). The new building was to grow in-between.

The depth of architectural thinking tends to be very important in competitions.

The job of the visualisations is to reflect that depth, showcase the concepts developed, and make sure the entry stands out visually.

The conversation between the old and new was very important here. The architects at Konior split the new building along the main campus axis and put a multipurpose atrium at the split, with a glass entrance hall though which the church might still be admired. The birds-eye view visualisation helps showcase this setup, while providing the spatial context for the proposal.

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“The use of brick provides both a metaphorical and physical foundation, a basis, a starting point for the new building,” the architects said. It is in conversation with the brick used throughout the campus.

The primary uses of the building are educational but also for music, dance, and theatre showcases. The glass used in the upper floors is translucent but not see-through, so that the light and shade might play with the movement of the artists while providing them with intimacy as they learn.

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The evening visualisations help highlight the materials and make for an arresting view - two light cubes, glowing against the dark sky.

During the day, the old building might be seen reflected in the glass fascade of its new companion.

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