Super Earth Game

Client: WSS

Deliverables: Browser game

The Client

Adidas releases a new limited model of shoes, Super-Earth / Sean Wotherspoon x Adidas ZX 8000. Limited editions are a big deal for sneakerheads, so our client, Warsaw Sneaker Store, was on a hunt for some crazy/creative way to promote it. The conversation started with "I was thinking, how about we make a game..." and voila! 5 days later, concept, UX, graphics, tech, and troubleshooting were all done.

Scope: Development

Tech Stack: Node.js (Nest.js), React (Next.js) – all in TypeScript


We developed a browser game where more than 10 000 unique users played almost 300 000 game rounds in just three days to win limited pairs of these shoes.

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This model's purpose is to show the importance of sustainable growth, ecology, and upcycling of shoes. We wanted to convey that message. The leitmotif of the design was an embroidered flower. So we decided to use a flower as a game hero, fighting hostile forces to save the Earth.


The game is based on the Floppy Birds mechanism. The best score received an award in the form of a pricey mystery box, so plenty of effort went into ensuring cheating the game would not be possible (or that we could filter the cheaters out before they got to the leaderboard).

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