University Building

Client: Kuryłowicz & Associates

Deliverables: Set of architectural visualisations

The design won second prize in the competition for the new building and no wonder!

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The green color and greenery are a leitmotif unifying all the contemporary University of Warsaw buildings (there is a botanical garden on the rooftop of the University Library).

The plot where the competition buildings will stand is in a historical area of Warsaw. It means adding some old and precious trees to the design was crucial.

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The street-level part of the buildings also consists of plenty of social spaces, on or outdoors. While students will populate them during the academic year, it is also vital for them to have a year-round utility for residents and tourists.

Despite being right between the strict center of Warsaw and the riverfront, the area still needs further revitalization, and each new building should help bring more activity to the neighborhood.

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Aside from the two university departments, also scientific institutions were invited to take residence in the buildings. The interiors are to facilitate cooperation and exchange of knowledge as well as foster focus and careful thought.