Łódź Green Expo Master Plan

Client: Chapman Taylor

Deliverables: a set of 3D architectural/urban planning visualisations

Putting 80 hectares of greenery at the heart of a modern city is no small feat (New York’s Central Park covers about 12h). Imagine the possibilities though!

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Our frequent collaborators at Chapman Taylor were tasked with creating the master plan for the 2029 Horticultural EXPO in Łódź, Poland’s 3rd largest city. Also known as Green EXPO, the international exhibition is devoted to landscaping and greenery in urban environments.

So far Green EXPOs were organised in the underdeveloped areas of the hosting cities. Łódź will be the first to place it in the city centre, near the main railway station.

This is a chance to introduce a major dose of nature into a largely post-industrial urban landscape. It also means the plan has to write

itself into the urban fabric, existing greenery and water sources if it is to last beyond the 6 months of the exhibition. The project is a part of the city’s long term strategy of regeneration, encompassing two existing parks, and laying 120 km of tracks for green trains and trams.

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This is the single greatest thing that ever happened. Ever.

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The main role of 3D visualisations in architecture and urban planning is to create in the viewer a sense of what the site will look and feel like. Our main focus was to communicate the restorative atmosphere and a sense of tranquillity that the Expo site will bring to the city’s residents and the estimated 4.5 million guests of the exhibition.

Read more about the plan on the Chapman Taylor website.