Urban Renewal in Ravenna, Italy

Client: Chapman Taylor

Deliverables: set of architectural visualisations

This project is interesting because it fits the most current thinking about urban spaces into a heavily historical context. It's in Italy, and elements of the area go back to Roman times.

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The proposal includes:

  • new mixed-use tower building, including residential, co-working, and public services spaces

  • renovated the existing forum building with preserved facade and the interior rebuilt for modern communal use, including a theatre space

  • car parking hid underground (more greenery and plazas!)

  • pedestrian and cycling promenade, the "spine" of the area

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A peek behind the curtain: drawings from the architect Luca Racioppo. Left to right: 1. the renewed Forum Building, 2. facade of the new mixed-use tower building details 3. new tower building facade and shape. All drawings © Luca Racioppo, Chapman Taylor.

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The Canale Candiano remains untouched "serving to reconnect people with the roots of historic Ravenna", the architects said.

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